Uponor Innovations

We Welcome Your Ideas
Leading the way with better ideas and solutions, identifying emerging markets and creating new products is not new to Uponor; it's in our DNA. And Uponor Innovations LLC is one way for you to turn your idea into a successful reality.


The entrepreneurial spirit is core to our culture at Uponor. It's what's made us the leading manufacturer and supplier of plumbing, fire sprinkler and radiant heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial spaces in North America. More than 70% of our current revenue is derived from products we've introduced to the North American market over the past 20 years.


Uponor Corporation, listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd., Finland, has more than 3,200 employees in 30 countries, with revenue exceeding $1 billion.


How we can help you 
We'd love to hear about your new idea. We're looking for new technologies and leading-edge products that improve the way people plan, design, construct, improve and manage environments in a green and sustainable way. Creative solutions that take us beyond what's already been done to improve the environments where we live, work and play every day.


Who can submit an idea?
Anyone — we welcome ideas from entrepreneurs, business owners, management teams, investors, funds, etc. Determining a promising fit starts with an assessment of the environmental improvement, technical feasibility, manufacturability, required capital, current business performance, market size and growth potential.


Our interests include acquisitions, equity participation and licensing. We are not an investment portfolio enterprise. Our approach is to pursue involvement where we can best leverage mutual success through existing Uponor assets and resources.


Why us?
We offer engineering, manufacturing and distribution networks to transform visions into real-world solutions. While Uponor Innovations LLC and Uponor, Inc. are based in Minneapolis, our global reach extends throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Central America.