Uponor participates in construction of Maarjamõisa Medical Campus,

Uponor participates in construction of Maarjamõisa Medical Campus

2022 sees the completion of Maarjamõisa Medical Campus managed by Tartu University Hospital. The largest centre of its kind in Estonia, the Campus concentrates active medical care in one compact system. Uponor Estonia is participating as advisor, and as supplier of potable and heating water systems in the second construction phase currently under way.
Highlight of Estonian medical services

Toomas Kivastik, the project manager of Maarjamõisa Medical Campus, points out that Tartu University Hospital is the only university hospital in Estonia and the only one to cover the full range of medical services available in the country. Additionally, the hospital is a venue for pre-graduate medical training and residency, as well as being the centre where most of the medical research in Estonia is conducted.
The direct objective of the second construction phase of the Medical Campus is to complete and start using units J, K and L of the active medical care complex by the end of 2015. These units will house a state-of-the-art oncology centre. Two new generation linear accelerators will be purchased for radiation therapy, and capacity to fit up to four accelerators will be built.
The second construction phase will also see the completion of an eye clinic, operating theatres, an intensive care unit for the cardiac surgery department and internal medicine department. Building requirements for all of these medical care units are extremely strict and technically complicated.

Improving the quality of medical assistance

According to Toomas Kivastik, the entire Estonian population will benefit from the completion of the Campus. As a medical institution of the highest order, it will welcome patients from across the country and significantly improve the quality and speed of medical care in Estonia.
Kivastik adds that the wall heating used in campus buildings will ensure that patients are treated in comfortable rooms with very clean air. Due to the paramount importance of clean water, specialised solutions ensure that medical personnel have access to it at all times. In addition to other requirements, particular attention has been paid to environmental protection and sustainability throughout both planning and construction phases of the complex.

Tartu, Estonia
Building Type
Multifamily homes
Product systems
Radiant Heating & Cooling, PEX Pipe Systems
L. Puusepa 1a
Project Type
New building

Uponor as provider of the best water and heating solutions

The task entrusted to Uponor Estonia was to provide the medical campus with the best solution for water pipelines. The company’s unit manager Aivar Sigur says that this is one of the most interesting and important projects for Uponor Estonia, both in terms of the object and the pipe solutions.

It is the largest construction in Estonia to install the Pe-Xa water supply system. Other Uponor products used in Campus construction are the Comfort Pipe Plus underfloor heating pipeline (20 mm) and ice melting pipes (25 mm), as well as large diameter Pe-Xa pipes and the Quick & Easy connection system.

Uponor Estonia has served as a partner to this construction project during several stages: first the company cooperated with the representatives of the owners and engineers, now it is advisor to the installers until the completion of works.

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